China Tour -Jan 2016

The fool who knows his foolishness, is wise at least so far. But a fool who thinks himself wise, he is called a fool indeed

Yes, the above quote describes the man I went with in 2015 as he was the person whom I was purchasing goods from, I had no choice as the tickets were booked way in advance as he promised to re-visit and purchase the goods in June 2015 but due to his wrong decisions and bad business sense we had to postpone the tour and reschedule the tickets several times which incurred a huge loss.
We finally landed at 2 a.m. 12th of January 2016 in Shanghai, took a bullet train in the morning, and headed our way to Yiwu-Tour of 10 days. It was Freezing as Yiwu is in the mountainous region of China, the temperature was around 1 degree Celsius when we arrived, January is the coldest month in Yiwu.

As we began our search for the products, the whole time my partner was confused and seemed not in the mood to purchase anything, he was not interested at all, I asked him he said he was trying to arrange funds, I was surprised, we wasted so much on tickets and Visa and in such extreme weather visited China after almost 10 months to replenish the stock with some new items and now this person says he doesn’t have funds, I was aghast and angry as he never told this before coming or I would have canceled the trip.
Alas, again had no choice but to follow what he said, we visited several shops and ordered some of the products in 4 days, on the 5th day of our tour he said to prepone the return tickets as he could not arrange money and short of funds, I lost my cool that time as preponing/rescheduling a non-refundable ticket cost a lot plus so much wait and so many efforts and expending money he ordered only few stuff, thousands miles away from our homeland and he was talking nonsense.

Yiwu City Centre

I had no choice but to prepone, another 17000 down the drain, We didn’t talk much post that, packed and came back.
After almost 3 months he arranged some funds and procured the goods but to my shock, he only procured 50% of what he ordered, and that too, the items that he wanted to sell at his shop, not those items that I had booked, that was the end of our agreement, I moved on and Thank God by the grace of almighty Today we are at a very better Position than him, due to his bad decisions and faulty business sense he lost his shop and failed in his business set up, I hope he recovers soon.
Not so many fond memories of this tour, I don’t remember if I clicked photos or not, I cannot locate them, but that was the most unfruitful tour that I ever had, but I learned a lot thankfully.