Hustle-Bustle Hong kong and China - 2015

At Victoria Harbour
Victoria Harbour


When we arrived on 28th March 2015 morning after a very long and delayed confirmation, i always had in mind that i will fully utilize the layover of Cathay Pacific on our way to Hangzhou, China. We had a layover of 8 hrs, we had enough time to take a free 14 day transit visa on arrival and a bus to city center , be there for some hours and then take a ride back to the airport.
But the guy whom I was traveling with, who had been to China multiple times before never ever took the benefit of layovers as he was anxious and too much afraid that he might miss the flight, so basically he didn’t had the adventure genes which I fortunately and Thank fully have in my body since the day I came to this Beautiful world.
After Cajoling and begging him the easy and then hard way ,I finally made him realize that I won’t quit, so he agreed. We landed at around 10 am in the morning of 28th,straight away I went to the transit counter, took the 14 days token and ran into the bus which was about to depart to the city center. I planned initially to visit Victoria Peak and Victoria harbor during the very calculated time during our layover, first we went to the Victoria harbor. 
We strolled there for half an hour took some photos and then I told my travel partner to go to Victoria peak, but as I told you earlier he was not in mood he just wanted to have some lunch and ran back to the airport, in all the photos he never smiled , so I told him we have enough time to have a lunch, visit Victoria peak and then go back to the airport, but he won’t budge he became silent , I was so angry at that time but I never knew that I would become mad at him soon, then the hunt for the Vegetarian food begun, as he was vegetarian and very choosy when it comes to the food.

I had no choice, I googled the location of HIS choice of restaurant and started Speed walk towards the marked location, but it was so confusing and chaotic that we lost, after an hour of walking, abusing(him of course) we finally reached the restaurant which was tucked away in a small street on the second floor with a very small entrance which was hardly visible(hong kong is very costly. We ordered the food after thoroughly checking the rates on the menu. We were tired and hungry as soon as the food arrived we chomped over it.

Even after wasting time here we had enough time to visit the Victoria peak, but you know the reason, then i decided to quit or actually decided to kick him actually not literally, i told him there is a small temple here you go visit the temple i will visit the mosque, out of AAstha he agreed, so now I dropped the idea of visiting the Peak instead I went to the mosque and prayed and thanked the almighty for everything. The mosque was beautiful Masha Allah and it was in the very center of the Hong Kong.
I stayed there for a while then we catch the bus from the corner and went straight to the airport without talking to each other, and fly away to out next destination.
Victoria Harbour
I Took This from the Bus While onOur way to Airport
Kowloon Masjid