Who are we

Maawiya Khan

I am the Eldest of the three, from Sourcing to listing ,Selling to Manufacturing , I overlook and supervise everything. I am an Avid Traveler and Brain behind Travellatrade.in , When it comes to Trade and Travel I am your best bet , I have been to Multiple Countries , Hundreds of Cities and travelled Thousands of Miles in search of Unique Products and to meet beautiful People of this World. Thanks to Almighty I know how to plan and execute a successful Trade Tours to South East Asia.

Aadam Khan

The Manager

He is the Youngest one , Passionate about Bikes and Mountains , did a multiple Treks and Bike Rides on High Passes. 

He is in charge of all the Management of our Online stores under The Klassik World , Leading a Team of more than 15 workers. He overlooks the manufacturing of all the Prototypes before finalizing the Product. He makes sure that the Customer gets what they bought, on Time.

Taaha Khan

The Designer

He knows how to design and create a Brand image , working with a team of skilled workers and running a successful Shop on Etsy.com by the name of Adam’s Creations since 2017 and selling designs and products to the Overseas Clients.

Most of the Designs that you see on Returngiftwala.com have been created by him , sharing the same passion of Bike Riding ,both He and Adam Runs and manage the entire operations of The Klassik World.