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We have created an easy to use platform to offer business opportunities for investors who are looking for relaxed and passive income.

Travel La Trade

The Founders

Hi! Myself Maawiya Khan, with the grace of Almighty, I got this Idea in March 2023, planned and executed with the help of my brothers Taaha and Adam Khan.

We Present you Travellatrade.in , An Oppurtunity for everyone to be a Part of The Klassik World.

Our Brands

Personalized Gifting

The Online Gift Shop,  established in 2013 , offering a wide range of customized products to the customers across the Globe. We offer custom made return gifts that are Made in India. With a team fully dedicated to designing and customization, we launch a new product every month. So you get a wide range of catalog to choose the best return gift for your Birthday parties.

Designs and Export

Running Since 2016 on Etsy.com , Here we make and Sells Designs and Products to Our US clients. We can make design of your choice and the way you like it .

Tribute to Our Father

Created by Our Late Father Mohammad Khalid Khan, God willing we will Re-Launch the same brand online and offline by April 2024, and we assure you that it will blow your mind away , you will be Awe-inspired!

The Klassik World was founded in 1989 by our Father Mohammad Khalid Khan at Aminabad Market , Lucknow- with an aim to source and sell Unique products unearthed from around the Globe, to continue his legacy we are planning to  re-launch it in a Grand Style with Hundreds of Unique Products by the end of this year and for that at Travellatrade.in, we offer you a chance to be a part of The Klassik World, Our Vision is to launch several Brands in Future related to multiple Categories both online and offline.

Trade and Leisure Tours

We can help you organize Trade and Leisure Tours at a very reasonable Price.

Trade Tours

Freezing Cold- January 2016

China Tour -Jan 2016 The fool who...

Exciting Layovers

Hustle-Bustle Hong Kong 2015

Hustle-Bustle Hong kong and China – 2015...

Frequently asked questions

You should invest with us because of our transparency and Sharia compliant platform,we will inform you for each and every transaction , you will get to know about the profit that you may earn beforehand , you will have the option to select the product that you want to invest in from our selected goods that we upload on the platform.

Profit Margin will differ from product to product, minimum 30% profit we will start with which can go up to 80% depending on the product you invest in, we will tell you beforehand about the estimated margin that you may earn as the product sells.

You can start with a nominal investment of Rs 20000 which is sufficient to book 2-3 products , you can get an idea of how things works then you can re-invest or increase the amount as you like .

You will earn Money as the product(s) sells, return period totally depends on how fast the product sell , normally we purchase only fast running items and that too in small qty of 200-400 pc only , as we sell in bulk to our consumer as a Return gifts or corporate gifting so the stock finishes out fast , but we cannot guarantee about the period, there might be a chance that 80% of your goods sold within 3 months and remaining in next 6 months OR in a year. But we try to rotate the items ASAP , we will run promotions or scale down the MRP. 

You can Withdraw the Amount along with the profit earned on 10th day once the product sells out , for example if on 1st January Goods worth Rs 1000(including profit earned) sells out ,you can withdraw the same amount on 11th of January which will be credited to your bank account or handed over in cash within 24-48 hrs.

We try our best to procure goods that we are able to sell as we have experience of more than 10 years but worst case scenario if that happen then in that case ,after a certain period of time decided at the time of agreement , you will have the following options to choose from

  1. You can cut off your margin and ask us to run a promotion so that your product sells fast. Once you cut off your margin , we will also lower the selling cost on different platforms and use your cutoff percentage to run promotions.
  2. You can ask us to buy back the goods which we can buy from you for the price that we agreed upon.
  3. You can takeover the goods from us and either sell yourself or handover to some other vendor who can purchase from you.

As per our experience of past , if all the goods are properly uploaded on different platforms and complete record of inventory is maintained, chances of dead stock is almost ZERO , If some products doesn't sell as we expect so first we scale down our profit margin without asking the investor so that we can sell those fast as our concept is of Unique products , we try to offer our customer unique and uncommon products each time they visit our Shop be it online or Offline .

We have our own Well established site Returngiftwala.com which have been running since last 10 years , we have a strong customer base and organic reach , with a turnover in millions, thanks to almighty. We will launch our new website for imported stuff - TheKlassikWorld.com by the end of December , all the products will be listed here as well , we will link this with our old website ,We will list all the products on Amazon as well( we have a experience of 8 years selling on amazon) and we are making our offline store as well on a a very grand scale with a planning of offering franchisee in future or setting up the chain of stores all over the Country.

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